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The Educator’s digital marketing Service & Media Design Agency

We offer education professionals and schools solutions, designed to help you create dynamic bespoke digital marketing blueprints to fit your business needs. 

In today’s remote context, transitioning services online to meet client needs can be very challenging. There is so much to consider, building a positive digital footprint, developing an online brand presence, expanding social media reach and so much more.

Maybe as a school administrator you feel the need to pivot your brand marketing based on the demands for coping with the “new normal.”Or,  as an educational professional you’ve always wanted to make a career change.  

The timing is perfect to market your expertise. Now is the time to build that dream and leave a legacy for generations to come. Explore our marketplace for digital products and services, or connect with one of our consultants to build a customized digital business map.

Media Creation Options

We can create  mobile responsive social media video ads for your business like the samples below. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let us help you promote your business

Done For You Service

Company 1-minute video

Professional on-camera spokesperson

Business-like setting

Custom graphics or animation

Voiceover option and more…


DIY Service

Short videos

Use text, music, animation

Multiple templates

Custom graphics or animation

Voice over options and more…


Free 3-Day Mastermind For Entrepreneurs

Join me in a FREE online class and discover proven strategies for developing and mastering a positive digital reputation as you build your business.
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Branding Solutions

Promote your brand with our  products and services. We follow the latest trends in brand marketing and strategy.

Small Business Coaching

Boost your brand with the right guidance from our network of qualified business owners and experts.

Media Design

Grow your brand with video. Brand Spots, Product Explainers, Personalized Videos and much more…


Online Courses

Accelerate your understanding of how to build your brand. Improve your skillset today. 

Choose from our top three streams:

√  Personal Development
√  Business Development
√  Media Development 

Business Coaching

  Need support as you start, scale or grow your education brand?

Get guidance from experienced professionals with years of experience. 

CHOOSE a coaching package to suit your  business needs and budget. Get a Starter, Growth or Enterprise package.

Media Creation

Have a great product or service that few know about?

Increase brand exposure with responsive ads from our store.

We have many options to fit your niche. Our packages include personalized videos.

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Grow your wealth. Build your brand through products and services we provide. Let's begin a relationship that can last a lifetime.

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