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As part of your marketing strategy for your education institution or business, your goal is to reach as many potential customers as possible. Working with a digital marketing strategist is the ideal way to maximize your visibility, ensuring that the right people are seeing your brand.

Stand Out Above The Competition

At Market My Training Solutions LLC we specialize in a range of digital marketing services designed to make you stand out above the competition. With services offered across New York, we’ll provide you with an outstanding suite of marketplace solutions to increase your conversions and return on investment.


Meet Dawn Digital

HI I’m Dawn Kirk, educator, mentor, empowerment speaker and a firm believer that success leaves clues.

Ninety percent of Creators in the Education business leave money on the table because they cannot create an engaging customer experience online.

Do what you do best as an Educator, Creator  or Non-profit while we take care of your digital marketing needs.

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 I understand because I’ve been there. 

Your Ultimate Digital Marketing Solution

Market My Training Solutions LLC is a digital marketing agency that offers a comprehensive suite of services for education institutions and businesses in New York. Your digital marketing strategists at Market My Training Solutions LLC have extensive experience in helping New York education institutions and businesses stand out.

We Do Digital Marketing Differently

We specialize in everything from branding and consulting solutions, search engine optimization, lead generation, paid advertising, and more to increase visibility with the right markets. With web design and social media management services available, we help your brand tell your unique story in a way that connects with your audience so that you can see consistent growth throughout your campaign.

" supercharge your business with the Gen Z Formula "


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Choose Data Driven solutions to fit your budget

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Nine out of ten education entrepreneurs and organizations leave money on the table because they fail to connect with their customers online. As education professionals creating and delivering engaging content to clients can be time consuming and sometimes overwhelming. There is so much to consider, online courses, coaching, hybrid learning, remote learning, omni-channel brand promotions, and so much more.

It’s Time for Change

Focus on your strengths. It’s time for change. No need to do it all alone. You can share your expertise online without worrying about the advertising and marketing side of things. Build a great learning community online with confidence.

We Have What You Need

Need to attract more clients? We’ve got you. Want to pivot to offer a new education service ? We’ll help you. Need to create or market a new course? No problem…we’ll make it happen. Want to build your brand’s online reputation to exponentially increase your brand presence? We’re here for you. We’ll help you get the right message to your target audience. We’ll do all the work for you. Our packages are complete. Let us anlayze where you are digitally to create a custom digital blueprint to fit your business needs.

We’ll Work With You

You and your education team have something special to offer your clients, but you do not have enough hours in the day to do it all. Maybe you have some online experience as an education expert and simply need initial guidance to set up your online community or course. Periodic support to measure the impact of your advertising efforts may be all you need.

No Need to Do It Alone

You or your education team do not need to do it alone. As your online community grows, get efficient tools to help you measure and monitor your success. You must have a competitive edge to increase your financial returns and build your legacy.

Find Your Brand Voice

Want to be unique in your messaging? No problem. Need to monitor and manage your online reputation effectively as you scale? We’ve got you covered. Need to know what others are saying about you? We’ve got that covered. We’ll work with you to help you scale your brand to build a strong reputation and presence that resonates with your audience. Have more questions than answers? Click the button below and connect with us today.

Your online marketing strategy can make a huge difference to your work, so working with a digital marketing consultant firm in New York is an important step of the process. Call us at (877) 949-6632 to learn more.


" supercharge your business with the GEn Z Formula "