Meet Dawn

Consultant/ Digital Marketing Strategist/Education Solutionpreneur

Hi I’m Dawn Kirk, SMB Leadership Consultant and Digital Marketing Strategist to Education Entrepreneurs and School Districts, Founder/CEO of Market My Training Solutions.

As children of an Infinite Creator, we were born to live a life of significance.

I come to you with 34.5 years of teaching and leadership experience. My mission is two- fold. First, to promote your brand through bespoke digital marketing solutions to your captive audience to grow your business, and second, to help you transform your brand message through leadership training and coaching.

As a certified John Maxwell Team Professional, I am passionate about aiding educators and schools add value to their brand through creating customised digital marketing solutions that work. 

Through a combination of small business products and services coupled with training on how to practically apply John’s proven leadership methods that will increase your brand value, we will move you and your team in the desired direction to reach your goals.

My team and I can offer you small business tools and services, online workshops, seminars, and coaching.


Certified JMT Coach

Together we can work to develop a customized digital marketing blueprint for your brand. You and your business have a significant legacy to fulfil as you meet the training and learning needs of your clients.

The key to your success is within you. Let my team and I  help you experience success as you start, scale or grow your education brand.

Dawn Kirk –My Story

I served as an Educator/Instructional Leader for the past 34.5 years. I am very passionate about encouraging others to transform their lives and experience success .

The key is to dream BIG and work towards achieving those dreams.

My mantra is ” It’s not how you start, but how you finish” that is most important.

I come to you with a background in Curriculum and Instruction, Project Leadership, Customer Focused Product Development and Systems Design.

Experience has taught me that consistency is key to success.

I started Market My Training Solutions to deliver small business solutions by design through affordable bespoke  digital marketing products, leadership coaching and training, supporting schools and educators in local and global communities.  

We were meant to live a life of significance, to effect change and to be a blessing to those we interact with. THIS is the message and intent of the service we offer.

In my spare time I enjoy creating digital media, event planning,  participating  in and promoting community projects, and gardening.






“Let us grow your brand into a profitable business in 180 days and beyond!”

Dawn Kirk is the most talented businesswoman I have ever met. She is brilliant in her online marketing and search engine optimization processes. She helps me navigate my business digital footprint and manage my online reputation. I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

Her online support services are second to none. She will assist you with managing your online reputation and social media footprint. She even has video services with customized spokesperson choices so she can perfectly and powerfully project your business by creating the buzz that is needed to excel. 

Dawn is also an exceptionally talented coach who has a wide repertoire of skills with a deep wealth of knowledge and acumen.  Folks, do yourself a favor and let Dawn help you prosper.

Chris Powell

Teacher/ Trainer/ Executive Business Coach, The John Maxwell Team

Being coached by Dawn happened quite organically…it wasn’t planned, but 6 months later, I truly can say that it is just what I needed. She has taken me on a step-by-step journey in making my business become more than a dream…it’s becoming a reality.

Dawn is indeed a servant leader who is extremely knowledgeable about many business tools. Her 30 years of teaching and leadership experience is evident in her coaching skills, as she provides guidance in an easy and understandable manner. Furthermore she is extremely patient as she takes the time to ensure that concepts are clear.

If you are seeking to jumpstart your business, or wish to take your business to the next level, Dawn is the right coach for you. She’ll help you to create the right plan, the right blueprint to help you succeed in all your business endeavors.

Lynne Wade

CEO/ Motivational Speaker/ Lifestyle Coach, Purpose and Passions

Our Vision

To offer education professionals solutions by design that inspire, empower and support you to innovate in your business for success.


Our Mission

Market My Training Solutions is committed to helping  you grow your brand by offering digital marketing services, small business coaching and consulting. We help you build your online presence with bespoke solutions designed to transform your business on an affordable budget.

7 Core Pillars

As a company we value:

Integrity: We promote a culture of trust and honesty.

Innovation: We believe in “burning the box” instead of thinking outside the box.

Involvement: We are committed to our clients success.

Impact: We encourage impact through innovating for change.

Ideas: We believe transformation comes from nurturing ideas.

Industry: We promote high standards of excellence.

Introspection: We encourage our clients to focus on their “why” as they build their legacy.

Qualifications & Awards

Apart from my Masters training I pursued certifications in Project Management, Customer Focused Product Development and Systems Design from Cornell University, and a license as a certified Leadership Trainer, Speaker and Executive Coach from the John Maxwell Team.

I am a member of the Association for Supervision and Instruction Development (ASCD) and the American Marketers Association (AMA) and worked as Interim Marketing Director for an educational startup.

Why Work With Us?

Do you need support in your business journey as an educator or school but do not know where to begin? Are you in need of reputation management services, advertising or media creation services?

Many education professionals and schools I’ve encountered need AFFORDABLE bespoke business solutions which include products, services and support to take their vision to the next level.

I have put together an intimate group of professionals who own or have owned small businesses. We have also worked in the mainstream business, insurance and education industries with an average of 25 years of experience.

Let us help you pivot your business and grow your online brand in the next 180 days and beyond.

What we Can Do For Your Business



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