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Our pricing Packages


Our pricing tier packages are competitively designed to suit your SMB needs and budget. Each pricing tier offering is aligned to the typical SMB needs based on company or education institute size. Prices reflect DFY Services. Adjustments for DWY and DIY Services are indicated within tiers. Individual tiers indicate the quality service and support you will receive, vital to helping you start, scale or grow your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free consultation session?

Yes. As part of the introductory assessment we offer a free consultation session that is designed to identify your reasons for seeking our service. The session is also geared towards presenting an overview of our products and services.

Is there a yearly subscription rate?

We do offer yearly rates at a 20 percent discounted price. However, add on services are billed on a monthly cycle or a one time basis where available.

What is the difference between the free consultation and the starter tier?

The free consultation session is a getting to know you and your business needs. From the information gathered we can then present customized solutions after you have contracted our services. The starter tier is designed to provide basic monthly support.

Are the coaching services included based on group or one to one contact?

All paid packages offered include one to one coaching. Group rates can be negotiated based on the size and needs of the group. Masterminds and keynote requests will be dealt with on a customized tier scale.

Do you offer customized packages?

At the moment we offer a 3-tier package option with extra add on services as needed. Depending on the need, add on services can be customized at the growth and enterprise tiers.

Is there a mandatory contractual period?

As a new small business owner we encourage you to give us a minimum of 180 days depending on your development stage to ensure that you can see some results for your investment. You are free after that period to cancel your contractual agreement with us.